Camping International

Camping International started in June of 1958, Adrie en Koos Horst with their children managed the campground of 1,33 ha. The flood of 1953 destroyed their business, an orchard of apples, pears and all kinds of berries.  The orchard came under the salt water of the Oosterschelde and the income of the family was lost. Father Horst helped rebuild the damaged island after the "flood disaster". A time of very heavy work, where little mechanization was possible and available.

After this troublesome period, the family thought it would be better to make their living in a different way because the orchard would not be a satisfactory income for the families. Kees de Vroomen, a brother-in-law of the family, came up with the idea to start a campground. Kees and his wife Bertha had traveled through Europe and noticed that recreation was an upcoming thing. The name ‘International’ was therefore an easy decision. This is the story of the establishment of one of the first recreation businesses in Renesse.

A fun, but busy period began. Plant trees to block the wind, build a laundry facility and a small store in the former fruit shed. The attic of the fruit shed had to be transformed to living area including a small kitchen for the family. The washroom facility at that time had 4 toilets, two sinks with cold running water.

Grandpa Paauwe, father of Mrs. Horst, performed the renovation tasks. Advertising and many other new tasks were done by everyone in the family, includig the brothers and sisters of Mrs. Horst. Every year adjustments were made to improve the campground, and it is not recognizable from earlier years. The one thing that remained the same is the friendly hospitality!

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